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Sagacious (sa˘· ay·shu˘s) adj. having or showing sound judgment; perceptive, wise. My sagacious uncle always gives me good, sound advice. sanguine ( san · win) adj. 1. confidently cheerful, optimistic. 2. of the color of blood; red. People are drawn to her because of her sanguine and pleasant nature. saturnine ( sat·u˘r·n¯n) adj. gloomy, dark, or sullen. The saturnine child sulked for hours. surly ( sur·lee) adj. bad-tempered, gruff, or unfriendly in a way that suggests menace. Emily received a surly greeting from the normally cheerful receptionist.

3. to anger or annoy. How could you even think such a thing roils me? teem (teem) v. to be full of; to be present in large numbers. The city is teeming with tourists this summer. 29 501 Vocabulary Questions Read sentences 61–70 carefully. Choose a word from the list below that best fills the blank in each sentence. Word List bane daunt blight feign broach pith cadge roil caste teem 61. Jane was terribly bored, but she ________(ed) interest so as not to hurt her friend’s feelings. 62. At first I felt ________(ed) by the assignment, but then I realized that the problem wasn’t as complex as it first seemed.

29. Rapacious means excessively greedy and grasping, voracious. 32. Irresolute means feeling or showing uncertainty; hesitant, indecisive, or ambivalent. 33. Sordid means dirty, wretched, squalid; it can also mean morally degraded. 34. Transient means lasting only a very short time; fleeting, transitory, brief; ephemeral. 37. To palliate means to make something less intense or severe, to mitigate or alleviate; to put a positive spin on. It can also mean to provide relief from pain or from symptoms of a disease.

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