By M. Abercrombie; C. J. Hickman; M. L. Johnson

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Branchial arch. e. the third and following visceral arches offish, fish. branchiopoda. Sub-class of Crustacea; aquatic; appendages uniform and usually flattened; abdomen without appendages; includes fairy shrimps, brine shrimps, water-fleas. (less than 1 mm. diameter) air-conducting tube of tetrapod lung, arising as branch of a bronchus, termin- bronchiole. Small ating in alveoli. Smooth muscle abundant in walls, and mucus glands found in size of lumen; the cartilage controlling the bronchi are absent.

Lasted approximately from 510 430 million years ago. campylotropous. (Of ovule), curved over so that funicle appears to be attached to the side, between chalaza and micropyle. Gf. ; till Anatropous. Orthotropous. Canada balsam. Gum commonly used, dissolved in xylene, for making permanent microscopical preparations. The object is placed in a thin layer of balsam solution between cover-slip and slide. The balsam dries hard, and because its refractive index is like that of proteins and other constituents of biological objects, it makes them very transparent.

Pericarp) CELL z. Of specialized individual. g. queens Among among may ants there be several different kinds of females). In termites the distinction between workers all sterile castes not related to sex (as is hive bees there are three castes, females, usually sterile;, drones workers fertile females^, males). 43 a type of structurally and functionally social insects, may be sterile males CATABOLISH (KATABOLISM). g. or females. Breaking down by living things of ^-ith liberation of energy. See I holism, Anabolism.

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