By Claire Thompson

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Rachel sat up, reaching for the ropes. She slipped them one at a time over her slim ankles, feeling the knots tighten as she lay back down. “Okay,” she said, feeling strange but very aroused. Her legs were forced apart by the length of the ropes tied down under the bed. Her bared pussy was spread wide. At Richard’s direction, she squeezed a dollop of the lubricant onto her fingers. She lowered her hand as he ordered, touching and rubbing her pussy. The ropes pulled against her ankles, drawing taut as she shifted in her arousal.

Maybe that’s what was wrong with her! She sat still and quiet while the world passed her by! After a moment she smiled to herself, she had a secret! She had a man at home! Well, okay, so he wasn’t at home, but he was on the phone for two hours Monday and another two on Wednesday. He’d shared a number of things about his own life. He was thirty-two and worked in investment banking in Los Angeles. He lived alone, except for his dog Molly. He had lived with a woman for six years but they’d drifted apart.

How did it make you feel to try on the sexy underwear? What do your new dresses look like? ” Taking a deep breath she jumped right in, trying to make the description amusing, leaving out her own discomfort and embarrassment. Richard laughed and said she had done beautifully and he was proud of her. Rachel smiled happily. For some reason his approval was becoming essential to her. ” Rachel flushed. In fact the moment she’d gotten home, Rachel had unwrapped the soft plastic toy from its purple tissue paper and washed it in the sink.

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