By Tim LaHaye;Jerry B. Jenkins

To be used IN colleges AND LIBRARIES basically. in a single cataclysmic second, thousands all over the world disappear.Vehicles, all of sudden unmanned, careen uncontrolled. everyone is terror afflicted as household vanish ahead of their eyes.In the midst of world chaos, airline captain Rayford Steele needs to seek

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Hattie asked. “I'm afraid I do,” he said. ” “Oh, no! Rayford, I'm sorry! ” “Keep trying to get Chloe. ” “Stanford. Palo Alto,” “My people are in California, too,” Hattie said. ” “I imagine it's because of the time difference,” Rayford said. ” “I will, but you were supposed to call me. ” “I wish I could say I tried to call you, Hattie, but I didn't. ” “Let me know if you need me, Rayford. ” “I will. ” He almost wished he hadn't added that. Losing his wife and child made him realize what a vapid relationship he had been pursuing with a twenty-seven-year-old woman.

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