By Martin J. Boord, Rig-'Dzin Rdo-Rje, Rig-'Dzin Rgod-Ldem, Rig-'Dzin Padma 'Phrin-Las

This crucial selection of teachings from the Northern Treasures Vajrakila cycle comprises liturgical perform texts (sadhana) from the unique treasure revelations, including explanatory notes and commentaries by way of the seventeenth century grasp Padma 'phrin-las on tips on how to take those practices right into a closed retreat and hire them for the top advantage of oneself and all residing beings. Having turn into empowered within the mandala of Vajrakila by way of a grasp guru, trainees might use the skillful esoteric recommendations, defined herein, so that it will advance a profound experiential sure bet of the genuine nature of fact. those texts are manuals, designed to be studied via disciplined people who desire to teach themselves in skilful altruism. they're conventional tools for overcoming the instincts of egoistic self-interest, permitting the brain to turn into focussed at the normal welfare of the realm, in order that worthy alterations of significant social price should be led to in either idea and behavior. Painstakingly researched and annotated, this quantity comprises English translations of 8 very important texts, including a lot of the unique Tibetan. in the directions for the education and defense of the retreat region are hitherto unpublished info of the skill to suppress some of the sessions of afflicting demons (sri) which are capability motives of downfall for all tantric yogins. this can be an historic and important point of vajrayana ritual perform that has been a lot missed formerly.

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Aka vidyadhara, and Kapila the brahmin. Among these, the tantra of earth called The Gathering of All Precious Elements is renowned as the tradi­ tion's most authoritative text on geomancy. aka the naga taught it to King Wan of Zhou, author of the Zhou-i (3rd & final redaction of the I-ching) and father of the founding king of the Zhou Dynasty of ancient China (Le. pre 1066 BCE). Eventually this text was translated from Chi­ nese into Tibetan by Kun-'byung a-lo-che and Khams-pa lo-tsa-ba gtsug-ston, and the remarkable King Wan of Zhou came to be known in Tibet as Wang-the 'phrul gyi rgyal-po.

Although these are the four persons referred to, because the Tibetan authors misspelt or mispronounced [their names], they wrote Kong-tse instead of Khung-tsi, Ji-gong instead of Ci'u-kyung, She-nang instead of Ji-nong (7) and Wang-the instead of Wen-wang. [Furthermore ... a in China on Mount Wutaishan (Ri-bo rtse-Inga), or that they emerged from the forehead of Goddess Vijaya (Lha-mo rnam-rgyal-ma), or that they were uttered by the master Padmasambhava, and so forth. [In short,] they spread all sorts of rosaries of lies.

Within our sources, we read that the most important of the ritual ingredients for warding off the Sri are beer, pol­ luted with various poisons and blood, the metallic dust derived from the sharpening of swords and battle axes and so forth, a red triangular bali cake smeared with blood mixed with poison, iron filings, copper fil­ ings, bell metal filings, water cress plants, and yellow mineral earth. Other items include broken pieces of stone from a mountain avalanche, dust from the navel of a millstone, salt, capsicum pepper, and white and black mustard seeds.

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