By David P. Jackson, His Eminence Jigdral Dagchen Sakya

In 1960, the Tibetan lama Dezhung Rinpoche (1906-87) arrived in Seattle after being pressured into exile from his homeland by way of the Communist chinese language. Already a respected grasp of the lessons of all Tibetan Buddhist colleges, he might ultimately develop into a instructor of a few of Western Buddhism's such a lot remarkable students. This inspiring and not likely biography of a contemporary Buddha is totally annotated, and comprises photos.

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104 Shenga was counted by some to have been the rebirth of that Gemang Khenpo (though at Dzokchen there also lived an officially recognized trulku of Shenphen Thayey) . 105 After the completion of his studies and the death of his teacher, Shenga taught for a few years at Gemang. Then, in his early thirties (ca. 1902), he went to Ozokchen and began teaching there at the Shri seng seminary. Though he began quite humbly, by the end of his tenure as teaching master at Ozokchen in 1909, his fame had spread to other parts ofKham and beyond.

The latter was a strong and energetic youth, able to lift heavy burdens and do other strenuous work, which Dezhung Rinpoche could not. ' 29 Lama Gendun never praised Dezhung Rinpoche to his face, but to others he sometimes made encouraging remarks. Once, when a disciple ofDezhung Rinpoche's previous rebirth, Dezhung Lungrik Nyima, came around and inquired about Dezhung Rinpoche, Gendun told Fl RST SCHOLASTIC STU Dl ES 33 the visitor, "He's bright, and he's a scholar (dpe cha ba). " 130 After only nine months, Dezhung Rinpoche concluded 'these studies under Khenchen Shenga.

Eastern Tsang and 0 Provinces. 141 I. ~PART 1 Life in the Old World I906-I960 ~1 'First Years at Tharlam 0 in I9IO in a high farming village of eastern Tibet, two young parents observed their four-year-old boy playing lama again. Sitting on a pile of hand-woven yak-hair bags as his "throne," the boy pretended to perform rites for his playmates on the rooftop courtyard where the children had gathered to play in the sun. The parents exchanged smiles. Noting the affinity the boy had for religion, the boy's father, an ex-monk and traditional doctor, made it a point to take his son to the local monastery now and then.

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