By Christmas Humphreys

Satori is a level alongside the way in which, a gateless gate that has to be entered at the route to enlightenment. With profound thought and consummate compassion, the founding father of the Buddhist Society in London invitations critical scholars of religious evolution to exploit Western thoughts to accomplish satori, the adventure of solidarity and divinity in all points of being. Humphreys refocuses the knowledge of Zen for the Western reader and illuminates the onerous route to enlightenment.

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And at the body's death, with a load of unpaid causes in his mind, who pays, and when, and where ? Surely the doctrine of Rebirth, as plainly stated a hundred times in the Pali Canon, is a necessary corollary of Karma ? Why, then, is it suddenly laid aside and, by a number of persons calling themselves Buddhists, clearly not believed ? I do not know, but I hold that it is important to enquire. For I personally believe that the teaching of the Buddhist Scriptures is true, and I have the greater part of mankind on my side.

It was a long search for the Buddha, as it will be for us, of lives, not moments ! What did the Buddha teach on self? He was brought up as a Hindu and knew the Indian teaching on the Self (Atman) of man as one with the param-Atman of the universe. ' Thus Mn Rhys Davids,' in her day the leading Pali scholar in the West. She therefore begins her list of 'ten things which Gotama the Buddha will not have taught' with : 'that the man, the very man : self, spirit, soul, purusa is not real'. For her, a life srudent of Theravada Buddhism, the Buddha's concern was with a Wayfarer upon a Way.

Pleasure-Pain Blue sunlight, soft on sleepy eyes. A terrace of content, from duty free. Below, as each day lives and dies, The murmur of the sapphire sea. Of such is pleasure, the heart's quietude, And every sense released from memory, Replete with each its own beatitude. this is pain, the riven heart at feud With all endeavour; duties yet undone; Uncompassed vision under clouded skies, The burden of awareness yet unwon. And Is each illusion, each but a severed twin ? It must be that on earth, here, now, in this The lion-heart shall sudden enter in And find no difference.

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